What You Can Learn From Brandon Webb

Brandon Webb Navy Seal was what he was known for and being in the SHOT with the Kris Kyle in 2003 means he was good at it. But no matter how elite he was, he was always into going out on his own, out of his comfort zone and invest in businesses that he has always dreamed off. Just like any business, it’s a risk on its own and it was a risk he was going to take no matter what.

Brandon Webb Navy SealHis first venture failed and along that was his marriage, his savings, and his house. Despite that, he was able to turn his life around, secured a high paying in the defense department and started paying back the people that invested in his failed venture. Most people in his position would be contented to be in that position that he had, but not Brandon Webb. You see, he did exactly the opposite and let go of that job and started his business venture 2.0. But this time his learnings from the previous failure had paid off.

What can you learn from him: You can learn a lot from Brandon Webb actually, but one of the important things that you can learn from his story is that in business there will always be risks. There is a big chance that you’re going to fail but there’s also a big chance that you’re going to succeed. If you will fail it’s going to hurt, but if you win, it’s going to be very sweet as well. Most people are afraid of such things because they will lose a lot, but if you think about getting more, the freedom, and actually start living the dream that is way better than what you have right now, go for it!

  • If you succeed you don’t have to worry about your insurance
  • If you succeed you don’t have to worry about retirement
  • If you succeed you don’t have to worry about college loans and so on

Why you should do the same: You should do the same because its the fastest way to succeed in life, provided that you do your homework and you work hard for your company. Unlike what it was before, today, there are many ways to start a business, cheaper even like an online business. If you don’t have funds but you got a good idea and a product, crowdfunding can get you to your goal as well. As long as you got the idea, go for it because there are already so many means to get to where you wanted to be.

Brandon Webb Navy Seal

When’s the best time to start? The most common question is when to start. That’s actually a very tricky question, you see there’s no ideal way to start, anything goes in business. A good follow up question would that be is, are you brave enough? A good quote for these types of instances is “fortune favors the bold”.

Brandon Webb Navy Seal was an outstanding soldier and after he resigned, most people thought that he will just be any other vets that will retire after his active service. Get a stable job, get a house, raise a family and live life to the fullest. And while that is a really good path, Brandon Webb Has other plans for his life and you should too especially if you think that you can do more.

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