Tank 112: Learning The Strengths and Weaknesses for Harder Damage

When playing world of tanks, the premium vehicles are the best single-configuration tanks. You can find them at the nations’ tech trees or get them from gold in-game. Or purchased them in the gift shop like https://gamestore.live/wot-accounts/112. The premium tanks like 112  are great for special events, and they come with elite status. Tank Chinese 112 comes with greater credit income than regular tanks. This would help you to increase tiers to make the most profitable tank in the game. To get the premiums, you could play more often and earn the credits to pay for new tanks, modules, equipment, and all. Tank 112 is one of the special event vehicles for missions and other competitions. This tank actually comes with great benefits aside from plenty of credits.

Chinese Tank 112

The tank 112 is a Chinese inspired tier 8 premium heavy designed vehicles. It has feature parts and components of medium and heavy tanks that are great for wargaming. It comes with excellent frontal armor and armed with 122 mm guns for brawling. This tank is actually the frequent choice among players due to its firepower:

  • It has fair DPM with hard-hitting alpha.
  • This tank has a large ammo supply which could be enough to mix and match all types.
  • It has 6 fair depression in the front.
  • The penetration ranges from AP 175 with an unreliable heat round of 250.
  • The fire control is excellent for accuracy.

This tank is hard to crack from the front due to its very strong armor. It does not have easily-hit weak spots which could great for open map wars. If you are using this tank, you could upgrade it with 122 mm gun for good alpha damage. But, when it comes to its penetration par, it could go for tier 8, and quite a low accuracy, and a very slow rate of fire. This makes the 112 vulnerable to flanking so, use its tough frontal armor to brawl with enemy heavies.

t-10 in WoTThe Equipment Performance

The 112 tanks can get where it wants to go, and in general, could peek around anything you ask of it.  It could handle ragged maps with its  380 view range and great camo snipers. This tank would give you good alpha damage using its excellent view range. It also has an extreme, tough upper hull plate, great frontal turret, and also a strong lower frontal plate. Tank 112 has incredible straight-line speed and terrain resistance. This makes it quite useful for lower engine power map.

Armor Layout Defense

The 112 is not that good in a side scraping but, offers much more hardness at its turret and the upper plate. It is more resistant to power spammers when well played which could be a major asset in winning key brawls. The excellency of this tank 112 depends on your ability to protect the lower plate. So, make the best moves without affecting your flexibility. This tank could be great and do harder damage when well-equipped. So, watch for your strengths and weaknesses.

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