Power lifting – Understanding the Basics in an Effective Way

Power lifting is a sport related to strength. The main point of this sport is finding out how strong you are. Basics are very simple. In a competition, power lifter has to stand on the platform and tries lifting the weights that is possible for him in a single repetition. And judges need to ensure that all the rules are rightly followed.

What It Means to Be the Power lifter?

Power lifting is very simple: You need to develop as much of strength as you it is possible for you, primarily through “big three” lifts: bench press, low-bar squat, and deadlift. However, if you talk to the power lifters, and you will discover they often develop the mystic sense of their training. Like the marathon runners or Ironman triathletes, the power lifters operate at a brutal edge of the physical capability. It means power lifting is extremely taxing and demanding, both mentally and physically

Building Bones

Reasons You Must Become a Power lifter

Building Bones

Suppose you thought that power lifting was about building huge muscles, you’re missing one big benefit, which you will get from doing this on the regular basis. Power lifting is actually considered as the weight bearing exercise. The weight bearing workout is any kind of exercise that puts a higher amount of the weight on your joints and bones. The weight bearing exercise can be beneficial for the bones in a long run. This is because weight bearing exercise helps to build the stronger bones. If you didn’t know, the bones aren’t static in nature, and can grow in strength and size, just like the muscles.

Increasing Muscle Strength and Size

Obviously, one main benefit you will reap from regular power lifting exercise is that it can help to increase your muscles strength exponentially. Whenever you exercise through basic lifting or power lifting, your muscles will develop small tears, which are referred as micro tears. And these micro tears aren’t necessarily the good thing because they hurt a little, and it means that your muscles have actually sustained the minimal damage, and things get worse before it gets better.

Burning Calories and Losing Weight

You must not be aware that power lifting will actually help you to lose weight and burn calories, because, power lifters are pretty huge guys and generally tend to weigh 200 or 300 pounds. Whereas it is true power lifting won’t help you to gain the lean muscle mass and nor it can give you nice toned look, and make you look very skinny, it needs huge energy to execute the power lifts.

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